Health Safety


Ta Ann is committed to provide a safe, secure and healthy working environment. Regular occupational safety and health workshops are conducted by experienced officers to reiterate the importance of personal safety and risk management in OSH and to enhance the staff’s knowledge in Occupational Safety and Healthy (OSH) control. Training is also provided for staff and contractors’ personnel involved to prepare or update them on safety and hazard handling.


In tandem with today’s lifestyles reflecting a go-green approach, the Group is doing its part by making strides to reduce its negative impact on the environment. Ta Ann has implemented a variety of measures to safeguard the environment such as:

  • reducing electricity consumption and improve energy efficiency by regulating, the operational hours of the lights and air- conditioning system
  • reducing, reusing and recycling wood waste to turn it into energy through our biomass co-gen power plant.
  • reducing energy consumption by re-cycling paper and paper products.
  • treating the waste water from palm oil mill before its discharge to the watercourse, e.g. river or drain through biological treatment system.
  • continually improving our management practices at all stages, where pre-operation assessments to preserve all High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) and environmental impact assessments are carried out prior to work commencement in new coupe.
  • implementing reduced impact logging (RIL) in our reforestation operations to minimise damage to the environment. The RIL method of harvesting helps to reduce the machinery impact, soil compaction, erosion and damage to residual vegetation.

Ta Ann Plywood mill adopts international environmental management standard ISO 14001 as a benchmark is assessing, enhancing and maintaining the environmental integrity of EMS. We are happy to report that all systems fully complied with ISO 14001 requirements in half yearly internal audit in the past year.

Another initiative is to engage with HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad in formulating our forestry policy and embedding the bank’s forestry policy into our policy and approach for sustainable forest management. Sustainable Management Committee (SME) has been set up to implement the forest sustainable and forest management in accordance with our forestry policy.