Oil palm JV participants receive upfront payment

KAPIT: Participants of a joint venture to develop their NCR land at Nanga Mujong with oil palm with a company recently received the second part of the upfront payment promised by the firm.

The plantation is developed by Ta Ann Pelita Baleh Sdn Bhd, which owns 60 per cent of the equity while the landowners and Pelita Holdings Berhad get 30 and 10 per cent each respectively.

It covers 178 hectares of NCR land and 14,452 hectares of state land at the confluence of Rajang river and Baleh river and involves 1,360 families from 68 longhouses in the area.

In his speech at the presentation ceremony of the payment at Rumah Tungan Jugah, Nanga Semenuang, Ulu Batang Rajang on Saturday, Pelagus assemblyman Wilson Nyabong Ijang thanked the company for giving out the payment but told the firm to have frequent dialogues with the participants.

“As a people’s representative, I want to ensure that this project is successful because it is the first land development project in Kapit Division. Do your best and communicate and have a dialogue with the land owners so that the project will run smoothly. I thank all the participants for their cooperation especially in phase one at Nanga Mujong area so that they can start doing clearing, nursery and planting,” he said.

He then handed out batch two of the ‘cash upfront’ amounting to RM121,277.40 to 155 NCR landowners from 11 longhouses.

On another subject, Nyabong announced the construction of a steel bridge across Nanga Semenuang to Rumah Tungan Jugah and promised RM30,000 for electrical wiring of the longhouse.

Tuai Rumah Tungan Jugah and Area Development Committee chairman Penghulu Undie Bajai also spoke at the function.

Officers from Tan Ann Plantation Sdn Bhd and Pelita Holdings Sdn Bhd attended the function.

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