Forestry Tasmania release report on forest management in Tasmania

Forsestry Tasmania have released a detailed report on the state of the forest management industry in Tasmania refuting claims by environmental groups and establishing the efforts of all parties to operate in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner.

Forestry Tasmania has released a detailed report titled Forest management in Tasmania – the Truth. It is regrettable to have to devote staff resources to counteracting the misinformation being used by anti forestry activists to hurt forest products’ markets internationally.

The report corrects over 50 of the serious errors and omissions found in the propaganda being circulated by Markets for Change and the Huon Valley Environment Centre in the United Kingdom and in Japan. Forestry Tasmania staff have done a great job in putting the report together, and searching out the evidence to refute the more outlandish claims made by these activists.

Below is a summary of some of the key allegations the report refutes:

• Ta Ann Tasmania sources timber from old growth forests.

FACT: Ta Ann Tasmania’s machinery is not engineered to process old growth timber. Accordingly, Forestry Tasmania supplies regrowth billets under its wood supply agreement. Right To Information documents sourced by the Greens (not the Huon Valley Environment Centre, as claimed) confirm that, of 500 coupes listed as providing resource to Ta Ann, all contained regrowth.

• Timber from high conservation value forests has been supplied to Ta Ann.

FACT: Ta Ann has not been supplied with any timber from independently verified high conservation value forests. The Conservation Agreement between the Australian and Tasmanian Governments and Forestry Tasmania has confirmed that harvesting may take place in just 0.5 per cent of the 430,000-hectare interim reserve area declared under the Intergovernmental Agreement, while the independent verification process continues.

• Forestry Tasmania is supplying Ta Ann with the equivalent of 88 per cent of the legislated minimum sawlog requirement of 300,000 cubic metres per annum.

FACT: Forestry Tasmania categorically does not supply high quality sawlogs to Ta Ann Tasmania. It supplies peeler billets, which were formerly classed as pulpwood arising from the sawlog harvest.

• Forestry Tasmania is supplying Ta Ann with timber at a lower price than it could access in Malaysia or Indonesia.

FACT: Ta Ann Tasmania pays a premium for peeler billets compared to their value as pulpwood, which is the alternative use.

• Timber supply to Ta Ann comes from the destruction of globally renowned forest.

FACT: There is no deforestation on Tasmanian state forest. All harvested areas are regrown – so well in fact that regenerated forests are now claimed by ENGOs as having high conservation value.