Environmentalist attacks condemned by Ta Ann Tasmania head

Mr Simon Kang, Executive Director of Ta Ann Tasmania has strongly criticised the interruption of federally approved shipments of timber by environmentalists adding that this could harm the intergovernmental peace process, whilst the attacks endangered the ship’s crew.

Ship invasion by environmentalist risks forest peace and value adding

The interruption by activists of Ta Ann Tasmania’s loading of its shipment of certified value added veneer sheeting at Hobart this morning ignores the fact that the timber is from harvest operations approved under the Federal and State Government’s Intergovernmental Agreement.

This peace process currently involves main stream environmental groups negotiating issues whilst timber is supplied to industry outside the proclaimed interim conservation area.

“Ta Ann Tasmania’s timber is strictly in accordance with the IGA, a fact confirmed by the Federal Minister for the Environment.” Mr Simon Kang, Executive Director of Ta Ann Tasmania said today from the Hobart wharf.

The regrowth logs are supplied by Forestry Tasmania and independently certified under the international PEFC scheme.

It is unfair that whilst Ta Ann Tasmania is supporting the peace process its shipment is attacked by activists.

Such action adds substantial costs to the production and transport of Tasmanian timber.

Ta Ann is now being targeted by activists who are outside the peace process and whose invasion of the Hobart port has endangered the ship’s crew and the police sent to remove them.

“This is no way to build a lasting and durable peace.” Mr Kang concluded.