Datuk Amar Abdul Hamed Bin Haji Sepawi


Non-Independent Executive Chairman

Datuk Amar Abdul Hamed is a qualified and experienced forester with more than 25 years’ experience in the forest managementand manufacturing of forest products. In the past 18 years, he has been involved in activities relating to forest plantations in Australia and Sarawak. He was first graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Malaya, Malaysia, pursued another Science Degree majoring in Forestry from Australian National University and later obtained a Master’s degree in Forest Products Utilisation from Oregon State University, United States.
Datuk Amar Hamed was appointed as the Executive Chairman of the Board of Ta Ann Holdings Berhad since 2 October 1999. He also serves as the Chairman of the Risk Management Committee and ESOS Committee.
He is also the Chairman of Naim Holdings Berhad and Sarawak Plantation Berhad, companies listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia, and is a Non-Independent Non-Executive Chairman of Smartag Solutions Berhad, a company listed on ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia. Datuk Amar Hamed also sits on the Board of MPOB (Malaysian Palm Oil Board) and EPF (Employees Provident Fund). His experiences gained as a Board member of the other public listed companies have enabled him to provide highly valued advice and support to the management team of the Company.
He was awarded the title of Datuk Amar Bintang Kenyalang on 8 September 2012 and the title of Panglima Gemilang Bintang Kenyalang on 11 September 1999 in recognition of his eminent contribution to the state of Sarawak. He was awarded the Sarawak Entrepreneur of the Year 2004 / 2005 and a !nalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year Malaysia Award 2005.
Except for his interest in Mountex Sdn. Bhd., a major shareholder of the Company, Datuk Amar Abdul Hamed has no family relationship with any director or major shareholder of Ta Ann Holdings Berhad. He is deemed interested in the transactions entered into with the related parties, which are carried out in the ordinary course of business, as detailed in the note to the account and breakdown of recurrent related party transactions. Except as disclosed therein, he has no personal interest in any other business arrangement with the Company.
He attended all Five (5) of the Board meetings held in the Financial year.
Job Function:
Executive Chairman
in charge of corporate affairs and corporate development


Board Committee:
ESOS Committee Member
Risk ManagementChairman