From its humble beginnings as a small trading company in the mid 1980’s, Ta Ann’s core businesses have expanded into logging operations, downstream timber processing, forest plantation, oil palm plantation, shipping and milling of crude palm oil.  In February 1997, Ta Ann Holdings Berhad was incorporated as a holding company and listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia on 23 November 1999.

The principal activities of resource-based Ta Ann are centred around sustainable harnessing of timber resources and value adding downstream activities such as the manufacturing of veneer, plywood, coated plywood, eco plywood, laminated veneer lumber, film face plywood, bracing plywood, floor base, sawn timber, laminated moulding as well as furniture products.

The Group has also embarked on Research and Development programmes to produce improved tree planting materials such as Acacia Mangium Superbulk which has higher yields for veneer production.  Such initiative is in tandem with the Group’s plan to gradually shift to plantation-based resources. To date, the Group has planted over 30,000 ha of predominantly Acacia species.

Since 2000, Ta Ann has diversified substantially into oil palm plantations.  The Group has a planted oil palm land bank of above 46,000 ha spread across Sarawak.  Ta Ann also owns 2 palm oil mills with a combined capacity of 180 MT / hr, located in Naman & Igan.  Ta Ann aims to have all its oil palm entities certified under Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) certification.  To date, 10 of the Group’s oil palm entities have obtained MSPO certification, including its 2 palm oil mills.

Ta Ann is committed to ensuring that its business operations are economically viable, environmentally sound and socially responsible.  Its journey towards sustainability started as far back as 2003 when the Group engaged 3rd party independent consultants such as Tropical Forest Trust and SGS Malaysia to carry out the legality and traceability (chain of custody) verifications for its upstream and downstream operations.

To date, all the 4 Forest Management Units (FMU) under the Group are fully committed to Sustainable Forest Management (SFM).  This is in response to the State Government’s aspiration to have all timber concessions certified in phases with the aim to enhance SFM in Sarawak.  Its Kapit FMU has obtained MTCS-PEFC certification on 11 June 2018 and efforts are actively being carried out to have the remaining 3 FMUs certified in phases by 2020.

Corporate social responsibility will remain as an integral part of Ta Ann’s way of doing business as the Group strives to make a positive difference in the communities in which it operates.  At present, the Group has more than 7,000 staff.